Three Reasons You Should Create Info Products Quickly

It seems that the majority of people who start an internet marketing info business spend too much time trying to get their first product created. I've heard stories of individuals taking two years or more. Maybe they don't have the confidence or perhaps they just procrastinate. Fact is, creating info products very fast is one of the keys to running a successful online business. In this article, I'll provide a few solid reasons to prove my point.

Reason 1: You Need to Find Out if Your Product is Going to Sell

So many marketers rely too heavily on market research. Sure it's important. However, even if a product idea appears to be a hot seller on paper, there's no guarantee that it will be. The only way to know for sure is to create it and start promoting. 

How Infoproducts Help Your Customers - A Different Information Marketing Perspective

By not having an information product to sell, are you letting down your followers?

A few weeks ago, I read an article about money management in a business journal that made more sense to me than anything else I'd run across on the topic. I visited the author's web site and liked the additional articles I read there. Next I clicked on the author's "Products" link, but at that point frustration set in.

Aside from two little ebooks, whose topics didn't fit my interests, there was nothing I could buy to get a deeper understanding of this expert's perspective. Nothing that connected the dots of his tantalizing comments. Nothing that helped me go from a feeble grasp of certain important issues in my life to a firmer, more confident way of sorting out my thoughts.

The Three Most Profitable Online Products

What makes an online product profitable? It could be that there is a huge market and demand and so the product could actually have quite a low price tag and still make you a lot of money. It certainly needs to be something that costs very little to create, sell and deliver in order to maximise your profit margins. It could be a high-ticket product that really meets the needs of a very exclusive market. It definitely will need to deliver great value content and help people to actually achieve what it promises.

So rather than being very specific products I see the 3 most profitable ones as 3 key types and I'm using the term product quite loosely. So the 3 types are membership programmes, coaching programmes and 1-1 or small group mastermind programmes. The reality is that the more traditional information products such as ebooks, audios and videos sold on their own may not be profitable in their own right but are often used to build up trust and lead customers on to enrol in one of the 3 types of programme I've listed above.

The Various Types of Online Products

Let me first clarify what I mean by online products. I mean information products that can be delivered via the internet and not physical products. Also when I talk about products I mean information that can be downloaded and used by the customer at home on their own rather than programmes that, by my definition, would involve some level of interaction between you and your customers in order to deliver the information. The three main formats for online information products are ebooks, audios and videos. There are others such as apps, software e.g. WordPress plug-ins and templates e.g. sales letter generators. I am going to confine this article to the 3 main formats.

Ebooks are still very common and popular products to buy and sell online. However, generally they don't command very high prices these days and people expect to pick up an ebook for just a few dollars.